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Nostalgia and journaling

Hi there, hope everyone is having a great start into what I consider the beginning of Halloween season. I know, I know it it so ONLY August, but school is starting again and fall is undeniably on the way. With that being said I recently went down the nostalgia road by being reintroduced to a fun little product I had in the eighties, the multicolor ink pen! I know, I know this is nothing new but I am always looking for fun, inventive and LIGHT tools to bring with me while I am journaling. With this pen I have the option of 5 different colors and black. It is light and portable and extremely inexpensive...or at least the one I got. It is not sturdy enough to make it through a multi month expedition but as an extra in your bag for trips out to nature journal it is more than adequate and honestly, fun. Take a peek at my video on the pen.

What tools do you use in your journaling kit that are just fun?

Also, I am working on getting some workshops to do virtually or in person. I am also working on curriculum for school age kids that use the Next Generation Science Standards as well as journaling to provide a well rounded educational nature experience. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this please let me know by emailing me at creativenatureadventures@gmail and/or just keep checking back.

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