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Practice doesn't always mean perfect

Good morning my creatives and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you can, do one small act of kindness today in his honor. I am also asking you to show yourself kindness. This year I have high goals and expectations of myself and I want to try to draw everyday. It is only the 15th of January and I have already missed a day. I could let it upset me, it could bring me down but you know what? I am human. I am going to fail and it should be a learning experience, not a failure. That is the way I look at life. Sure I get angry and frustrated when I don't do something right or complete the project the way I envisioned but did I learn from it? to me this is the most important part of the whole process. My point is we all have incompletes in life, but done is always better than perfect. Some people don't try things because they are afraid they won't be good and to that I say, so what? Don't let that stop you! Be messy, be imperfect, make those imperfect sketches and you will get better. I promise you it make you and your life and life of your friends and family more interesting. Case in point I still am not a whiz at this website or some aspects of art but I am not going to let it stop me. The point is to live my life, find my tribe and do some good along the way. So this applies to almost anything, want to learn to bake? Get one YouTube learn the basics then maybe look for a class or a cooking group. YouTube is a great resource but make sure you check a lot of videos before trying something that could potentially be dangerous, everyone and anyone can post on YouTube. So get out there and make this the best Drew Year possible!

I know this is late but I will be at Circle B this Saturday the 20th from 9-11. We will focus on birds. I am also working with some other entities to have workshops and classes in different areas with different focuses. This should be a fun year!

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Unfortunately, I have already registered for a guided hike as part of the Hiking Spree this Saturday, so I'll miss your meetup at Circle B Bar.

Love the post. I have seen improvements in my sketching by the consistency. I still don't sketch/journal as much as I should.

Stay Safe!

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