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Happy Earth Day!

Good morning creatives, I hope you had a spectacular weekend. I was able to go to Circle B and do some nature journaling with my daughter. We found a Carolina petunia, saw a red shouldered hawk and she met a new friend. There was also a Nature fun day at Circle B. my daughter was able to take an Earth Day pledge and do some fun Earth Day activities. It is imperative, more then ever, that we pay attention to the effects we are having on our planet. It is easy to get overwhelmed, trust me I do. The good news it there are small ways we can help. Reusable water bottles and reusable grocery bags help reduce the amount of plastics going into the landfill. Planting natives in your yard will help native insect populations and the birds that feed those insects to their young. Planting natives is also a great way to have hours of fun journaling the plants and everything that comes to visit. Grow your own vegetables to help reduce the transport of these goods to the store, then the transport to your home. Compost, this will them be great soil for your garden. Trust me these are all things I am trying to do more of, all we have to do is start. If you only use the reusable bottle and bags wonderful. Maybe you plant a tree, or some native plants, fantastic. The idea is to think about everyday how you can make, even small, an impact on protecting the planet.

Lastly go out into nature with your journal. Even better if you take a friend. If you have signed up for my newsletters chances are you are already a nature lover and practice journaling so one of the best things you can do is to introduce someone else to the practice of nature journaling. Help them cultivate a closer connection to the planet. Give them the chance to love it as much as we do. You save what you love.

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Glad you had a good time. Besides the effects that we have on the planet, it's great to know that the love of nature is passed down to the next generation. We had a group of Trail CATS at Hillsborough River State Park for EarthDay with CELM on Saturday while there was another group at MOSI.

Stay Safe!

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