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Happy almost May Monday!

Good morning Creatives! I hope your weekend was as good as mine. It was full of school work but I wasn't complaining. I had my essay final in my college course but the rest of the time was gearing up for my Nature Journaling Certification. The Wild Wonder Foundation had a Wonderful (pun always intended) practicum this weekend to start the process of the certification. Now I don't need any certification to spread the love of nature journaling but this Foundation is close to my heart and I want to be a part and support it any way I can. Let me tell you the inspiration was off the charts!

As many of you know I am an ecologist by profession and I have been to many conferences this was by far one of my favorites (the Everglades Coalition and Audubon Assembly are all tied for first place).The ideas, the enthusiasm, the yes, wonder was off the charts. There were educators from all over the world learning from each other. This is a global movement and I am so happy we can all be a pert of it. My next step is to include Stewardship into my journaling which I hope I have been instilling into people this whole time but I

will be going an extra step...stay tuned.

I hope that today you find inspiration and find time to go out and journal or just sit in Nature and thank it for another beautiful day.

Next Journal event: I am going to try an evening event May 9th at Lake Morton in Lakeland. There are always plenty of birds to sketch. I will try to remember to bring seed!

Natural notice nuggets: There may be some migrants still flying through but your resident birds should be into nesting season. Try to find a pair of birds and notice their interactions, their calls, where might they have a nest? Spring has sprung and there should be plenty of flowering plants to sketch or just admire. Want to see more? Consider planting natives in your yard. Pollinators need love too. Lastly it is alligator nesting season so just be mindful while kayaking or hiking near water.

Advocacy interests: Split Oak Preserve in Orlando Florida is in a battle to keep a toll road going through it. Roads are noisy and deadly for wildlife. I personally am not in favor of a road bisecting a natural area. More news about it at

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