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Happy Gopher Tortoise Day!

Did you know that today is Gopher Tortoise Day? Our lovable little tanks are considered a Keystone Species. What does that mean? Well like the Keystone to an arch if you pull that stone the whole arch will collapse. If the gopher tortoise were to disappear from the landscape so many other animals would suffer or even disappear from the landscape too. Gopher tortoise burrows are home to over 300 commensal species (this is just a fancy science term for roommates). Snakes, lizards, frogs, mice and insects are just some of the animal species that use the burrow. This is quite important because gopher tortoises are found in pyric communities. That means these communities need fire to function properly. When a fire goes through the landscape tortoises as well as many other animals can find refuge in the burrows. The burrows are a half moon shape hole made in well drained soils, which are also a hot commodity for housing developments. It is extremely important we consider this as out state grows. Smart growth means happier people and better nature. Gopher tortoises can get quite large and you can usually tell the size of the tortoise by the size of the burrow opening. My favorite part of gopher tortoises? The look like grumpy old men even right after hatching. They are a protect species so do not harass them or let your pets harass them. Do not stick your head, hand, feet or any other body part in the burrow as one of the snakes that likes to hang out in burrow is the Eastern Diamondback Rattler. Lastly if you see one in the road you can pick it up to save it but please take it in the direction it was heading. This goes for all turtles, just be mindful if you are unsure of the species be wary about assisting the, Snapping turtles have quite the bite! Want to learn more about tortoises?

Want to have the coolest care and help protect tortoises? Check this out:

Lastly come to Circle B Bar with me to hunt and journal flowers and pollinators! April 20th 9-11 Meet at the Learning Center entrance. We may see a tortoise!

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