Looking for something new?

I offer free outings every third Saturday. I am also available for hire for groups of 5 or more people on a Saturdays or Sundays. I will meet you group either at your location or a location of your choosing (some areas may not be viable please contact me for further details). Homeschooling groups? Let's discuss the science the crosscutting concepts in our explorations. Have little kiddos? Lets learn how to add words and numbers to their observations. Want to set up a weekly, monthly outing? Let me know, prices will vary for reoccurring adventures.

5-10 people for 1 hour 20.00 per person

10-20 people for one hour 15.00 per person

5-10 people for 2 hours 30.00 per person

10-20 people for 2 hours 25.00 per person

I am also open to presenting talks on specific subjects and presentations on drawing techniques.

For more information send me an email at creativenatureadventures@gmail.com