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Looking for something new?

I am working with a few establishments to see if I can offer workshops through them. I will keep everyone updated.

I offer free outings every third Saturday. I am also available for hire for groups of 5 or more people on a Saturdays or Sundays. I will meet you group either at your location or a location of your choosing (some areas may not be viable please contact me for further details). Homeschooling groups? Let's discuss the science the crosscutting concepts in our explorations. Have little kiddos? Lets learn how to add words and numbers to their observations. Want to set up a weekly, monthly outing?

I am also open to presenting talks on specific subjects and presentations on drawing techniques.

All workshops are 2 hours unless otherwise stated. Workshops can honestly be done anywhere but a spot with gives the electricity best results. Each participant is required to bring a journal and at minimum a pencil. Work shops are $25.00 a piece, minimum 10 people.  Workshops available:

Introduction to Nature Journaling- Learn how to go out and use pictures, words and numbers to record what you see around you.

Introduction to Drawing- feeling a little nervous about your talent? Good news drawing has NOTHING to do with talent. It is about how you see things and practice, practice, and oh yeah, practice. Let me help you get more confident with tips and tricks. Practice is up  to you!

Flower Anatomy- Remember all the parts of flowers that you learned in middle school? No worries, let me refresh your memory, talk about structure, function and pollinators!

Birds- From the hummingbird to the ostrich birds are fascinating! Let's discuss the tips and tricks of what to look for  in local birds, how to accurately draw them and record them in our journals.

Insects- let's discuss the absolute multitude and complexity of insects! What to look for and some of the identifiers for certain orders. Then we will draw from specimens.

Introduction to Scientific Illustration-  we will discuss what is scientific illustration is  and why we need it. We will talk about proportions, accuracy and drawing techniques.

Zoo trip- coming soon! Take a trip with me to Lowry Park Zoo to sketch the animals. specialization of animal will vary with trip.

I can also teach about many other topics or subjects so feel free to contact me if you have a specific need.

For more information send me an email at

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