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Happy Drew...I mean New Year!

Happy 2024 my creatives! So much has happened for me in the past couple of months. 2 BIG ones are I started a new job and I hope to finish my Master's Certificate at UF this year in Ecological Restoration. While I love the work I was doing in my last job it started to drift away from my personal goals. It was also taking a toll on me mentally and physically. My goal for this year is to draw once a day, really make it a Drew year. I also want to start up every 3rd Saturday meetups again. I am hoping to partner with some local agencies, and will keep you all posted. I hope to also hold another workshop with the Polk Museum of Art, I had a blast!

As always my goal is to make this free and open to as many people as I can. I feel there is a community of creative naturalists out there who can make the world a better, friendlier, and more creative place. Thank you for sticking with me, this community really is the best.

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cool! looking forward to meeting up with you again to draw.


Congratulations on your new job and moving forward. Hope you have a wonderful new year (drew year).

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