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There are a few things you can count on in Florida, oranges, Florida Man, and gators. Yes gators, they are in almost everybody of water here in Florida. Lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, swimming pools, and even large puddles. These large reptiles seem like through back to the dinosaurs, compared to the average person they can seem, and can be massive. They are such interesting animals and for such large animals they are masters of camouflage. I have spent 2 weeks searching for a gator in a pond that was drained. It hid within the cattails, I could seen eaten fish and foot print everywhere. it was a six foot gator. We finally found it after two weeks and it had run out of water and food. It was able to be relocated. Sketching gators is quite enjoyable. From a safe distance most gators will sunbath, not moving for extended periods on cooler days. Otherwise they will glide through the water with just their head breaking the water. The other thing that is quite interesting is the changes in coloration as they age. AS hatchings though the fist year they are mottled as anything that can get the in their mouth will eat them, herons, bobcats, and even larger gators. Believe it or not most Floridians still love to go places like Gatorland, and see them in our zoos. If you have a chance you should definitely sketch these fascinating creatures.

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