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Really seeing things

A lot of us run through life at a dizzying pace. Work life, home life, kids, responsibilities, many of us feel like we are on a hamster wheel. Add in the fact that even more of us have lost or are actively losing our connection with nature. I am an avid nature lover, I am also an artist. Once I stumbled on the John Muir Laws Nature Journal page it all clicked for me .( ). What if I could combine my passions with like minded people and spend some quiet, quality time in nature?

There was no journal club in my area, so I started one. My ultimate goal is to get people of all ages out and journaling. It is not about pretty pictures, it is about your experience. To really, really observe all of the beautiful things around you.

Today was my third meet at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa. I had one repeat person and she brought her mom and sister. We had a wonderful time sketching and talking about our observations. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful park.

My goal with this blog is to talk about journaling, art supplies, drawing, and the wonderful preserves and nature parks in the Suncoast area and around Florida. Also to talk about the environmental issues facing our beautiful state. Please follow me and my adventures and come to one of my events!

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