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Get the Lead Out!

So you read my other blog about using simple shapes to start drawing....well basically everything.  You are hooked and ready to sketch but you want to get some different tools for drawing. Now while lead has not been used in ages in pencils there are different types out there. Quality of pencils will vary, just like virtually everything but don't sweat it, you can usually get a set of decent 5-6 pencils for about $20.00. 

There are two basic designations for pencils H and B. H is a harder graphite while B designation is softer and darker. I use an HB pencil for sketching. The graphite is hard and used lightly it will leave a faint sketch behind. If you have a set you can actually use all for different shades in your drawing but you should take a little time to get to know what your tool(s) can do. When I get new pencils I make a gradient (shown below).

 Basically you want to go from 10%-100% so you can see the variation of the pencil. If you know what your pencils can do you can use one pencil to give you the ability to make a finished drawing with one pencil.  This is a quick worksheet for you to copy in your journal.

Again, don't feel like you have to run out and buy a bunch of pencils. You can buy them one at a time or just use a regular No. 2.

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