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Ready to meet like minded people and make a better connection to nature? Come join me for a creative adventure.

Hi fellow creatives! Wow it is getting HOT!!!! I don't want to shut down for the next couple

months but I don't want to make anyone miserable either. I have thought about a virtual "outing". I want to still connect and  allow people to connect with me and the outdoors. What do you think? I haven't used Zoom in a while but I think this old lady may remember! Let me know what you thing at

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Nature is for everyone so no need to spend a ton on supplies. If you are coming to one of the Saturday adventures all you need is your journal (paper) a pencil or pen, water, and snacks (optional).

If you are going out on your own and going to be hiking into the woods I would suggest a couple more items to bring with you. Depending on the weather:


1. a light jacket or rain jacket

2. a compass and map

3. fully charged phone

Other than that go wild with your art supplies! On our walks I will have colored pencils and watercolors, pens, and different types of pencils. I will blog about different supplies so you can see what I use and what is out there. If you want to use some of my water colors or pencils while we draw just ask! I like for people to use the items before they run out and buy them.


This is what I carry most of the time in a simple over the shoulder bag. Remember the more you carry the heavier it is and the more you may want to leave your bag behind!

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