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Ready to meet like minded people and make a better connection to nature? Come join me for a creative adventure.

Next Meeting

Circle B June 24th at 8 -10

Going to meet earlier due to heat

4399 Winter Lake Rd, Lakeland, FL 33803

There is a porta potties on site and. There is a Center with full bathrooms but it does not open until 9 in the morning.

We will meet near the doors of the center.



East Polk County Plein Air  (Not my event)

This is an event that I believe many of you might be  interested in as well.

If you have any questions you can emial

You are welcome to join our friendly group

of local artists to draw and paint on


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

100 Lake Morton Drive • Lakeland, FL 33801

Park in library parking lot.

Gather at the east side of lake, closest to library.


Beautiful lakefront views with a huge variety of land and water birds.

Lots of shade. A scattering of benches. Restrooms in library.


Bring your own painting supplies, chair, easel, sun screen, etc.

 and join us for a morning of outdoor painting/drawing.


Meet other area artists, share ideas and tips and find out about other local happenings.


Show and Tell Lunch
at 12:00 pm


Black & Brew (in the Library)



Nature is for everyone so no need to spend a ton on supplies. If you are coming to one of the Saturday adventures all you need is your journal (paper) a pencil or pen, water, and snacks (optional).

If you are going out on your own and going to be hiking into the woods I would suggest a couple more items to bring with you. Depending on the weather:


1. a light jacket or rain jacket

2. a compass and map

3. fully charged phone

Other than that go wild with your art supplies! On our walks I will have colored pencils and watercolors, pens, and different types of pencils. I will blog about different supplies so you can see what I use and what is out there. If you want to use some of my water colors or pencils while we draw just ask! I like for people to use the items before they run out and buy them.


This is what I carry most of the time in a simple over the shoulder bag. Remember the more you carry the heavier it is and the more you may want to leave your bag behind!

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