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Wild Wonder Foundation

Hi everyone! Reminder that there is a meeting at Circle B Ranch in Lakeland Saturday the 18th

Now about the Wild Wonder Foundation...

The Wild Wonder Foundation was founded by John Muir Laws (Jack) who is an absolute wonder of a human being. If you have not been to his page a lot of what I do with journaling has come directly from him. He has a plethora of videos, tips tricks, and honestly he is a great example of just being an awesome human. The Wild Wonder Foundation was founded as a non profit to help with, well let me share their mission statement:

The Wild Wonder Foundation is dedicated to encouraging nature connection and conservation through attention, curiosity, art, science, and community.

We strive to make nature and nature journaling accessible to everyone by sponsoring the annual Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference as well as other events, educational workshops, field trips, teacher trainings, retreats, exhibits, grants, and other activities and projects in support of our mission.

The birth of this foundation is a direct result of the 35+ years of dedicated work by award-winning author, educator, scientist, and artist John Muir Laws, a.k.a. Jack. He has created, nurtured, and grown a diverse, worldwide nature journaling community through his great generosity, inspired teaching, and boundless energy and joy.

My whole goal with my site and meetings is the same. I want to create a community of people who want to become better stewards of the land through observation, conservation and creativity. There are so many other wonderful journalers out there and something to learn from everyone. I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of passionate people and I hope I can take some of you along with me as well explore the wonders of Florida.

Please go take a look at Jacks website and the Wild Wonder Website

If you can donate to their cause please do so. They are doing wonderful work.

Ok hope to see you all soon! Till then observe, conserve, and create.

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