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Try and try again

Ah, with fall comes back to school and with back to school comes every cold and virus imaginable. I came done with one such cold and was homebound for the last few days. In this time I was interested in making a Christmas scene with a seahorse. Now as many of you may know, I produce illustrations and finished art pieces as well as teach and nature journal. So I decided I would bring out the watercolors. First try was overworked. That is Ok, I am not that great at watercolors yet so I try again. Second try, different color still an overworked mess! Forget it I am going to go back to pointillism (first try not included in photo). AAARRRGGGHHH this is horrible! Then I take out my colored pencils. I start but it really doesn't have the "look" I am going for. One more time I try again in pointillism. While it isn't exactly what I envisioned, but done is better than nothing.

I think that all artists do a disservice by not showing people their "first pancakes". To show you all of the tries, all of the not good enough paintings, drawings, all of the times it takes someone to get to an end product. Somedays things go really smoothly and my journal page looks amazing or the piece I am working on comes out just like I had planned. Other days (most days) my journal page is full of stick figures or really rough drawings. You know what? That is OK! These not so great drawings are just as vital as the "good" drawings. You have to practice. You have to know that everything you sit down to work on will not be a masterpiece (90% not in the least) but that is learning, that is practicing. Serena and Venus Williams did not become Wimbledon champs because they came out of the womb with amazing backhands. They nauseum, I am sure. So if you are reading this and you want to get better at drawing, or writing, or underwater basket weaving, whatever it is, I believe in you! Now go practice.

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