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Silver lining

Hi everyone! Just a quick note that I am back up and running. If you got my last email it was written from my phone as my laptop screen decided to take a break, from working that is. I have since bought a monitor and am able to still use the laptop as I try to figure out where I want to go from here (another laptop, desktop and tablet?). I have been working with more graphics so I can make worksheets for an up coming workshop I will be having at The Polk Museum of Art in October. Once I get the date I will let everyone know. Also I was just given a Board seat that was vacated at LEEF, the League of Environmental Educators of Florida. I will be a Board member until April then need to run for the seat if I am a good fit. I really hope to do a lot of good work with them as this is definitely a passion of mine! While I have a had a slow start, this is just the beginning. I am so excited for what is in the future and taking you all along with me!

A reminder I have not had any meet ups because it has just been to dang hot. While September will be too I hope to have a meetup at Circle B Bar and then we can do some outdoor/indoor work.

Lastly, The Wild Wonder Nature Journaling Conference is coming up! If you have the time and money I would really suggest going. Honestly out of all the groups I have ever been a part of these are the nicest, most generous people on the planet.

If you can't "go" virtually on those days you will be able to by and after the conference pass. With either you will be able to go back and watch at your leisure.

Keep creating, connecting, and conserving!

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Lindsay School
Lindsay School
Aug 22, 2023

Congratulations on the LEEF board seat! I’m sure you will do good things there. Always good to read what you are up to and hopefully I will get a chance to join one of your meet ups soon!

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