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Rainy Days may be good Pencil Mile days

If you live in West Central Florida you are aware there is a Tropical Storm, or Hurricane Idalia heading our way. While I hope for all of us it is just rain and a little wind (we are 12-15" in a rain deficit here ) it is a drag being stuck in the house. After Covid you would thin we would be used to it but we would still be outside in nature drawing. This is a great time to put in your Pencil Miles. Coined by Yvea Moore ( )Pencil miles is just spending the time journaling. Here are some ways you can put some pencil miles in during the rainy days ahead.

  1. Sit on your porch before the storm. Draw what ever you find interesting around you but write about how the temperature drops, wind feel and what direction. You can also journal your feelings. For some storms of any kind are scary, it may help to put you feelings on paper.

  2. Grab a stick, leaf, or any other interesting object before the rain comes and really REALLY study it. Not only draw it for a visual effect, but does it smell? What does it feel like? Does it make any sounds? Really get to know this item

  3. If you have pets draw them! Learn to make quick one minute sketches, then 5 minutes then as longs as you would like. If you have multiple pets even better.

  4. Grab a pen and learn to sketch with it. While is can be daunting at first there is a certain flow you get with ink you don't quite get with pencil. It is freeing.

  5. Grab some veggies or fruits and sketch them. Really take a look at what the texture, color and shape is.

  6. Drag out those really cool watercolors, colored pencils, etc. and spend some time practicing with them. You have time now...

I hope you and your family stay safe during this storm. I hope to have some dates for September and a workshop in October!

Until then, create, connect and conserve.

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