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Motivational Monday?

Hi everyone, this will be short because I am having issues with my laptop and have to type this on my phone! I am trying to be more consistent so you do what you have to, right?

Last week I talked about getting over your fears to keep drawing. This week I want to talk about just going for it. We live in a very judgemental (at times) and possession driven society. I am sure you have heard "if you want to sell you art you need....If you don't have insert thing here you paintings, drawings, ect will never be the best. That isngarbage. Yes I think everyone should buy the best they can afford but if you don't start with what you can get you will be stuck. Learn on those student grade paints, that is what they are there for. Want to sell it? Go ahead but let your price reflect that .

I went into a dive store to buy a snorkel holder and board for underwater sketching. I saw just snorkels there that were more than I paid for my whole snorkeling set up. I could let it make me feel bad, or I can have fun with what I have and not worry about it. I really want to do the latter.

Here is a video that shows you jusy need to start. Done will always be better than perfect and start with what you have. Don't wait, go enjoy your life!

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