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Ah, landscapes. Painting of landscapes bring about feelings of peace, beauty, and if your like me, dread. Wait, what? Why dread? I stink at landscapes and like most people I tend to stay away from the things I feel I cannot do well. The only way to get better is to do more. I am still not all...but I vow that this year I will do more and try to get better. Here is a couple of tricks tips and overall good reasons why you should draw more landscapes. I was watching a video by John Muir Laws about landscapeitos. What is a landscapeito? They are simply small landscapes. John says most people feel the need to make big elaborate landscapes, and he is right. Every time I went to do one I wanted to add everything and ended up doing big pieces that took forever and I ended up disliking in the end. These are super small snapshots. These took me about 15 minutes a piece and allowed me to be pretty free and not invest less time in each landscape. This allows me to do more and play with composition, size, value, etc. I think this a delightful way to get some landscape work done but in a fastfun way. Even if you love landscapes and they are your go to try a landscapeito.

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