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Journaling Fantastic Fungi

Psssttt...don't look now but there is a fungus among us. Yes I love a good play on words. Honestly though fungus is the one of the most interesting and underrated organisms on the planet. While we all know what a mushroom looks like did you know that the majority of the biomass for the fungus is underground? It creates this large almost nature neural network for itself, neighboring fungus and the plants around it! The mushroom is only a small part of the structure that releases spores. I was reminded of all of this when a friend of mine told me to watch a documentary called Fantastic Fungus. If you have Netflix I strongly recommend watching it as soon as you have time, you will not be disappointed. As a matter of fact I was so enthralled I wanted to buy the accompanying book but it is on backorder! If you live in Florida now is the best time to look for the fungus among us. AS you would expect look in dark wooded areas, but also in your own front yard. Look well because some of these mushrooms are itty bitty like the picture below. There are many groups on Facebook that help identify mushrooms. If you aren't a FB fan check out you local Native Plant Society and there maybe someone there who knows a bit about mushrooms or can steer you to someone who does. Lastly, and this should go without saying, I am trying to learn more about foraging but would a plant or fungus that I was not sure of and neither should you! Check out my video and the link to the Fantastic Fungus site.

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