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It's Moth Week and book learnin'

Well technically the middle of moth week but you still have a few days to get into the fun. Moth week is to spotlight a citizen science and the amazing world of moths. Moths are extremely important pollinators and really, just all around cool. They don't get as much credit as butterflies because they are nocturnal and well, humans aren't. Even if we do stay up late most of us don't go out actively hunting insects (I am a nerd so I do). Most peoples idea of moths are the insects that get attracted to your porch light and ultimately die and cause a mess! That is only a small fraction of the diversity out there! I use colored bulbs now in my porch light to minimize the attraction so they can go forth in the world and produce more moths for me to enjoy. Would you like to learn more about moths and moth week?

Next year I hope to have an area that I can set up and those who wish to participate can! If you do set up a trap this week, take a photo first so you can ID at a later date (Citizen Science) and then start a sketch. If the moth flies away you always have your photo to lean back on. You can also keep a count of types. How diverse is the population at that event? Do you plan to do it again at different intervals to see if the diversity is different? Ask the questions, play around, welcome to science.

I also wanted to let you know I have added a page to the site called Brain Food. It seems every time I talk to a naturalist, journaler, outdoor enthusiast (all of the above) we ultimately talk about books and/or podcasts. I have found that the way to make me happy when I can't be outside is to learn and/or listen about the outdoors. Some of these books you can find in audio form so if you have along commute (like me) you can still get some food for that big ole brain of yours. Make sure to check with your local library as there are apps now where you can download audiobooks within seconds!

I have just started this list and I still have more to add but I am putting this out to the community do you have an addition to this? Email me at and let me know.

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