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International Nature Journaling Week!

Hi everyone and Happy International Nature Journaling Week! This is a week started by Beth Burton to help bring awareness and bring the nature journaling community together. I suggest you check out her page as it has a lot of great information on it. Also I will be participating in the prompts and loading them on to my Instagram page. Beth also has a podcast called Journaling with Nature, I would strongly suggest checking it out as well!

Also the Nature Journaling Educators Conference is coming up next Friday and Saturday. Can't make it? Neither can I so you can buy a video pass afterwards. I have been to these in the past and I can say, without a doubt, that the people you will meet (virtually) are some of the most inspirational and kindest individuals you will have ever met. Even if you don't want to teach Nature Journaling (I think everyone should we need more people to get people outside) you will learn so much to incorporate into your own practice.

Here is the link for more information:

Alright creatives, go out and have the best week ever!

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