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International Nature Journal Week!

Hi my Peepadoodles! It has been a crazy month of May for me, ending in spending 2 weeks on a wildfire mopping up. Due to the fact that I (still) have a day job, it is my priority to make sure that things are done and fires, literally, are put out. I have not had much time to put into videos or even blogs. With that said what better way to get back into the swing of things than the start of International Nature Journal Week. A week where you can expand your practice with people all over the world! There will be prompts each day with workshops and much more. The website is not mine nor do I have any affiliation with it except for the love of curiosity and journaling. I will be following along daily and posting on the CNA Facebook and Instagram pages.

Maybe you are like me and 2021 wasn't the change from 2020 I though it would be. No matter, today starts the second half of the year and I really think this second half can be the best. I plan on spending more time putting out content, leading tours, having online classes. I want this second half of the year to be "my year". Join me and the rest of the Nature Journaling Community in kick off the rest best of the year with International Nature Journal Week!

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