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How to be flexible....without any Yoga classes.

This past Saturday I took the club out to Lettuce Lake Conservation Park in Hillsborough County. It is known for it's abundance of birds....most of the time. I have been out there where there are just birds everywhere, in the tress, wading around, but this day there were not easily visible birds. We walked a good part of the boardwalk and only saw 2 ibis. You know what, we worked with it, we still discussed birds and we discussed all of the other wonderful nature around us. Point being, if you are scared of doing something new because it may not work out, think about how often things don't go as planed. How many other times have you have you planned something and it did not go as the way you envisioned? You figured it out didn't you? You are stronger and a lot more flexible than you give yourself credit for.

If you are looking for a new adventure and you live in the West Central Florida why not come out and try something new?

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