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Healing power of nature

As we all grow older, losing friends becomes a sad side effect of your life. I just lost a longtime friend to cancer. This is not the first I have lost to the disease and I am sadly sure not the last. She was a very kind and generous person who loved to kayak and canoe. I am not good with handling a lot of the emotions that death brings up. While we were not particularly close at the time of her death we remained friends for over 30 years and she was with me through some big milestones of my life. Her family is having a celebration of life at a park that has not only camping but a canoe launch. I am grabbing my journal, camping gear and kayak and heading out. While it will only be for the weekend I really think the power of nature can get us through a lot. While most of the time I journal about the natural world and draw what is around me with a more scientific eye I think this weekend will be different, I will try to give words to my feelings and let it out on paper.

Has nature helped you through a rough time? How? Did you use a journal? Let me know below.

Also I am leading a workshop at the Polk Museum of Art October 7th.

If you are in the Ruskin area, check out the Florida Birding a Nature Festival. I will be leading a talk with an absolutely wonderful and brilliant restoration ecologist Mary Barnwell on Saturday the 14th about Habitat Restoration.

Lastly be kind to yourself and others. Life can be rough and you can never really know what the person next to you is going through. Hopefully I will see some or all of you this coming month. I will be finalizing our meeting spot for October in the next week.

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