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Happy Earth Day!!!

Earth Day hits the big 50! This is not quite the day that those of us who enjoy this event thought it would be. Ironically due to a lot of the stay at home orders, wildlife is infiltrating areas off limits formerly crawling with humans, skies are brighter, water is clearer. The virus has made a lot of us think more about the way we live, due to the fact we seem to have a lot more time on our hands to think. So this Earth Day I ask that you just walk out your front door and sketch something you never really paid attention to before. Perhaps it is that tree in the front yard, that bird who always seems to have good aim after you have washed you car, or maybe that trail of ants. Really go out and appreciate the nature that is around you.There is no need to travel deep into the woods to get a better nature education, start at home. Grab you pencil and your journal and show me what you see. Use the hashtag #earthdaycreative.

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