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Dream BIG, then take the first step

When you come here I want to concentrate on nature and drawing, but I think what I am about to talk about can be used in every aspect of your life. I have a full time job but my dream is to produce wildlife art, teach art and nature journaling. Also, spend copious amounts of time in nature, on my own terms.That dream is pretty big don't you think? Just thinking about where to start can give a person, namely me, heartburn. I have been drawing all my life but started the practice again, seriously, five years ago. I started drawing, then did the free/cheap things like have social media accounts, make business cards, go to local art walks where it was not expensive to get a space to sell. It was scary and uncomfortable but so is not doing the things I wanted to do. You can dream big, but take little steps, you will get there.

Drawing is the same way. We envision our final product. This masterpiece is in our heads then get upset when we miss the mark (which for most artist we always feel we missed the mark). We rush into it because we are so strapped for time, then get overwhelmed and start to doubt our abilities. Sound familiar? Well let me ask, are you practicing? Practicing your line work, your blending, your composition in a thumb nail first? I don't have time for all that Danielle, I have to do my art fast so I can get it done and go onto the next thing, or get back to my real job, I have no time, blah, blah. Look I get it. I am super strapped for time too but you have to take the baby steps to get you to the desired end product. Rushing it only causes chaos and overwhelm. Take the small steps, work on the small things like line work, loose sketches, blending. I carry a small journal with me everywhere I go so I always have an opportunity to sketch, it really does make a difference. Join a club like this one and feed off of others creativity, you may even learn new techniques. Watch tutorials, take the small steps and I promise you big things will come.

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