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Drawing 250 million years ago

Hi everyone! It has been a jam packed month for me so far! Last weekend SharkCon and this past weekend Jurassic Quest! Trying to spend as much time with my kiddo before school starts, and trying to find indoor activities because man is it blazing this summer! One of my goals this year for myself is to become consistent with my drawing practice. Yes I would rather draw outside and journal nature any day but you have to use your time while you have it. Meaning, I take my sketchbook everywhere. Doctors office, long drives (when i am not driving of course) and Jurassic Quest.

I have noticed with persistent practice I am becoming a better artist. I still get some absolute horrible sketches and that is good, actually that is the point. The more you practice anything the better you get but you are making those connection's in your head. You are also making an inventory of images in your head. Need to draw a quick flower, perfect I have one stored in the ole brain box! Horse, of course! Dino, no dilemma, I can do it! You get the picture. Also you can reference back to your sketches if you ever decide to do a painting/sculpture/drawing of that particular thing. It forces you to draw things you wouldn't necessarily draw. I usually keep a small sketchbook in my car. During traffic jams I whip it out. While I am not sure I will ever need to reference my sketch of a 2018 Nissan Sentra's trunk, I have it. Since it isn't something I would normally draw it also hones my observation skills.

Look I know some of you are thinking...well that is a little overboard. Journals with you all the time? Think about this, we live in a world that is constantly trying to show us it's beauty but everything else is vying for our time. Work, family, etc.. If you want to get better at something you have to want it. Elizabeth Gilbert said it best when she said to treat your art like an affair (I will say new relationship). Remember when you would drive 30 minutes out of your way just to spend an extra 5 minutes with that person? Do that with your art. Sketch, paint, sculpt anytime you can because nothing is guaranteed and if you wait for the "right" time, you may be wasting your time instead.

Jurassic Quest is open this coming weekend as well and remember it is Moth Week so get out there and ketch some moths!!

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