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Creative Nature Adventures is back!!!

I have had a seriously busy year in 2019 but not in a good way. I like many of you, struggle to keep up the pace of this hectic life. I was not super happy in my job and I was not getting out the way I needed to, yes NEEDED to. I have a full time job, a four year old and a house that always seems to need cleaning or repair. I am not complaining, I am extremely lucky to have all these things in my life but 2019 just seemed to be the tipping point for me. I had grown far, far away from the person I want to be. This year I am going to make this site, this community I am trying to make a bigger commitment. I want to make sure I am doing for myself what I want to do for others, show them the wonderful secrets nature has by journaling and spending time with like minded folks, in a natural setting.

Like everyone I will struggle and to balance all of the things I have in the air. I want to offer workshops and make tips and tricks sheets that I can offer at each monthly event,. You can find my events on Meetup and I will also post them on the site. As always feel free to contact me to find out more information!

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