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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I had a meet up on Saturday the 22nd and it was a crowd of one. Now you would think I would be bummed (and while I was a little) but seeing the glass half full, it just gave me more time to hone my own skills. You see it was supposed to rain so I don't blame people for not wanting to drive just to get somewhere and have to turn around and go home. I took the chance to take a 2.5 mile leisurely hike, more of an amble let's say and just relax. I was able to see 18 different species of bird, saw a few gators, a bunny, and racoon. I was able to spend at least 20 minutes with a male blue heron looking for some grub in a spot before cruising to better feeding grounds (hopefully).

It was great way for me to regroup and to think about my why. I have thought about this a lot in the last few years. Every time I go into nature and journal it just makes me feel better connected. Not only to nature but to myself. This is what I would like to bring to others. It helps me really slow down from the hectic struggles of daily life and pay better attention to the world around me.. I think we could all use more of that.

Here are my journal pages. As you can see I really need to be more proactive with layout but I sometimes just like the flow of my thoughts and observations


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