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Brain Food!

If you have known me for any length of time you know one of my passions is learning, the more unconventional the better. Don't get me wrong, I love higher learning and have participated in academic learning but there is something better to me by getting as far as I can on my own, then looking for experts. Or learning about something completely new and seeing how much I can learn about it. Some of the people who are experts about a small or specific subject aren't always PhDs. I love podcasts, youtube videos, and books! If you ask my partner I have too many books but hey, we all have "our thing" right?

If you haven't seen this page on my website I am making a list of books, podcasts and websites that I think are interesting and helpful. I have also opened a store on to help you find these books as an Amazon alternative. If you buy from this store it will give me a commission which I will put back into my free adventures and supporting my idea of teaching everyone journaling. Or as many as I can

in this lifetime

I will continue to add books but I am interested in other books you think should make the cut? Send them my way! Not just so I can share them with everyone who comes on the website but if I haven't read them I am always looking for new books to obsess over....uh I mean read!

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