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Are you getting outside?

Hey everyone, I am sorry I have been MIA. I plan on being more consistent. I want to check in though, we are having a very odd year. This has caused a look of us to be more withdrawn, anxious, and lonely due to social distancing and the looming threat of an invisible foe. For this reason I want to start challenges, ways that I can encourage people to get out and about and find a little bit of peace and social distancing companionship in an otherwise chaotic and turbulent year.

I want to start the challenge, starting Monday August 24th, 5 flowers in 5 days. These do not have to be full on illustrations, just sketches. get out, find some flowers. Note the differences in each one. The structure, location, color. Then I want you to either post it on the Creative Nature Journal page and

/or iInstagram with the hashtag #5flowers5days

Let's support each other through this time, through art, and through science.

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