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Somedays just stink

This morning I woke up before anyone else, grabbed my journal and headed outside, excited to try out my new paints. I sat down next to a seaside daisy and started sketching away. I started to add color, it was going ok, not great. Tried some mixing, and adding, nothing was clicking.  I finally added ink and did not like it, so I tried again,  this time no sketch just paint. I still wasn happy so I tried a leaf. Finally I just decided to pack it up. No matter how good you get or how many years you have under your belt just like everything else in life you are going to have days where things just don't turn out as planned. Work through it but know when to quit. Tomorrow is always another day. Just don't let one bad day make you feel like you are a failure, every sketch, every brush stroke is a learning experience.  Keep chugging ahead!

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