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Making the time

When the heck did we all become so busy? While I am sure there is a myriad of reasons if you are like me you are not a fan. Not being able just relax seems to be the problem de jour. I hear you, I want to sketch Danielle I really do but I don't have time to get any better. Believe it or not you can make time. If you can find 15 minutes a day for 6-7 days that adds up to an hour and a half over the week instead of that half hour you were stressed about taking once a week. Here is a trick I have been using. I keep journals everywhere. I keep them in my car, my spouses car, my living room, and of course in my field bag. Yesterday I was stuck in traffic so I whipped out the journal and pencil. I even keep a pencil in my sunglasses holder in the car. I hope I do not have to say don't do this while driving, all of these sketches were done in a stationary vehicle (yeah traffic). I also took my sketchbook to a lecture, and to dinner with a friend. Keep in mind this last practice could look rude, she is actually my journal partner and I thought we were might discuss some things and I would need to take notes. This trick goes for anything in your life really. Want to read more, take that book everywhere with you, even if you only read a couple of pages you are making progress. Play an instrument, grab a fingering chart, taking it with you. Don't worry about looking weird, trust me we are ALL weird you just need to make it work for you.

Notice in the drawing down below the Ram truck to slanted, that was due to me laying the journal on the passenger seat, but I did get some sketching in. Try it, use that time wisely.

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