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But I can't draw!

I hear this all the time "But Danielle, I can't draw!" So many people believe only certain people were graced with the gift to draw. That is not so. Every child on the planet is an artist. Give them a writing implement and a surface (if you have a toddler this is usually a permanent marker you forgot to put up and your walls or furniture) and they will draw with reckless abandon. They have no clue that only a "special few can really draw." It is only when children are a little older and become more self conscious that this idea sinks in. Maybe they hear adults claiming " Bob is so talented" or "Susie really has a gift." Topped of with someone influential telling them their drawing doesn't look right, or is not as good as insert kid name here. A lot of them will put down the pencils and walk away from art, thinking they are not creative, or can't draw.

Drawing is like any other skill. To get good at it you have to practice. No one learns to play the piano in one day and off to Carnegie Hall the next. For real mastery it takes practice. Keep in mind way more people play the piano for fun, relaxation, and enjoyment than

make a living out of it. Why can't you do the same with drawing?

So many people don't realize all items are made up of shapes. Start with basic shapes. I have used a cardinal as an example. They are a common backyard bird and are easily identifiable. Use a light touch, sketch the bird, don't worry about a completed drawing just yet. Get the shape, the personality and feeling of the bird. Start with pictures, do a lot from pictures because small birds not stay still for long! *Note: I have used a picture that is public domain, meaning it is open to all people using it. If you draw a picture from a photo and plan to sell it you need permission from that photographer*

Try it! Don't walk away from your pencil again!

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