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Do you wish you had a better connection with nature? In our modern world so many different things are vying for your attention. Nature Journaling allows you to slow down and notice the world around you using pictures, words and numbers. With this practice you will begin to cultivate a better connection and understanding of the vast and wonderful world around you.


You do not have to be an artist or naturalist. All you will need is a pencil, a piece of paper or journal, and a healthy dose of curiosity.


October 7th Workshop at Polk Museum of Art

 More information and registration at: 

I have events once a month, typically on the third Saturday. Sometimes this changes and during the hot summer months I will try to meet where we can also journal indoors as well. These events are open to all ages! Meaning if you have kids please bring them. I believe it is so very important to get more children back out into nature! If we have smaller children we may cut the hiking down to a more manageable distance for little legs. Also kids are the BEST at finding interesting things on the trial.

Still hesitant?  Feel free to email me at

I want this to be fun and accessible to all who want to participate.

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