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Do you love being outdoors? Do you love drawing or wish you drew more? Do you feel like you want to do more outdoors but are hesitant to go by yourself? I love art, adventure, and the outdoors. I want to combine all of my passions into one and take people with me! Nature journaling with me on a hike or kayak gives you the best of  both worlds. Journaling allows you to look, really look, at what is around you and transfer it to your page. With my guidance I can help you learn about the natural world around you.


But wait! I am not an artist! I am not a scientist! Believe it or not, you are. Journaling is about the observation not the drawing. If you can draw simple shapes, I can show you how to use that to draw your observations! With practice I bet you will surprise yourself. As far as the science part, science is about observing and asking questions. All you need is a journal and a pencil and you are ready to go!


So you want to come to an event? Great! We will meet in the parking area of that months designated preserve or nature park and talk about what we might see, where we may want to hike to. Most hikes will be less than 2 miles unless the group really wants to go further. We will stop to journal at least once but probably more often if we find something interesting....and there is always something interesting to sketch. We write about what we see, we ask questions, we have a creative time in nature. Want more? I offer workshops.

I will make sure to let everyone know via Facebook or this webpage if there will be wet/cold/hot/buggy/etc.conditions and any other things they should prepare for.

These events are open to all ages! Meaning if you have kids please bring them. I believe it is so very important to get more children back out into nature! If we have smaller children we may cut the hiking down to a more manageable distance for little legs. Also kids are the BEST at finding interesting things on the trial.

Still hesitant?  Feel free to email me at

I want this to be fun and accessible to all who want to participate.

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